God of War director Cory Barlog wants to do a Silent Hill remake

God of War director Cory Barlog has signaled his interest in doing a Silent Hill remake. While Konami has been awfully silent on the status of one of its greatest franchises, it seems that there’s a talented game director who is more than willing to step up and make Silent Hill Remastered happen.

Cory Barlog was responding to a tweet that asked which of four games should get a remaster. The listed titles were Metal Gear SolidTwisted MetalSilent Hill, and Xenogears. While each of these games are great in their own right, Barlog seems to have fixated on one in particular.

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Silent Hill is one of the hallmarks of the survival horror genre, competing directly against CAPCOM’s Resident Evil back in its heydey. It also bears the distinction of being the basis for one of the very few video game movies that didn’t stink.

Unfortunately, Konami has more or less given up on making new video games, so the prospects of a Silent Hill remake seem awfully thin. Hopefully, the outspoken statement by a talented director might motivate them to give it a try.