Mortal Kombat 11 patch removes Ash’s files, hints at new characters, modes, battle pass

Mortal Kombat 11‘s most recent patch added a few new things: Stage Fatalities, Friendships, four stages, balance updates, a new story mode, Sheeva, RoboCopFujin, and more. However, according to a prominent dataminer, it also seems to have removed a few things as well like files pertaining to Evil Dead‘s Ash. While never properly announced, he was long rumored to be coming to the bloody fighter, even showing up in its marketing materials.

Dataminer thethiny came across this while ripping through the game’s latest update, saying that Ash had been “removed completely from the game’s files.” Although, as thethiny also notes, this doesn’t mean that the iconic chainsaw-armed character isn’t coming, but he’s just not in the game now as he once was. Bruce Campbell himself also stated in a recent interview that he “honestly [doesn’t] know” if Ash is going to make his grand appearance in MK11.

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But given the official marketing email, datamine from the game’s launch (that ended up being accurate), and in-game pop up that some players saw, it appears as though he was planned but then hit some (possibly legal) snags. It’s not clear if he will make his way into the game (like he did in Dead By Daylight), but removing his files doesn’t bode well. According to Andrew Bowen, Johnny Cage’s voice actor, the creatives want do him in the game, but that tweet has since been deleted.

Mortal Kombat 11 patch removes Ash's files, hints at new characters, modes, battle pass

This datamine came with (potential) good news as well. Apparently, Cyrax, Sektor, and Fire God Liu Kang were added to the character select screen, but only Sektor may be playable since he’s the only one with interaction files. Sektor (along with Kronika, weirdly enough) has a tower ending in the code, but Cyrax does not. Fire God Liu Kang is also probably not a whole new slot and could possibly be just another name for vanilla Liu Kang based on his post-game form or some sort of “Evil Ryu” version of him. The files also mention a “Fighter Pack 3” as well as a battle pass, but did not contain any more details.

There’s also another card on the main menu. And in conjunction with the other parts of the datamine, it appears as though this menu could be for Test Your Might, Test Your Luck, or Test Your Strike, three popular mini-games from the franchise’s past. Menus were also added for likely multiplayer modes as well including Hyper Kombat, Juggle Kombat, Brutality Kombat, Soul Survivor, Power Struggle, and Kustom Kombat which all sound like other non-competitive modes. None of this has been confirmed, but given how accurate these datamines have been in the past, it might be a decent litmus test of what’s to come, for better or worse.