Japan’s Super Nintendo World looks super small

After 8 months of waiting, we’ve finally gotten our first good look at Super Nintendo World. This Nintendo-styled theme park expansion to Universal Studios Japan looks like it’d fit right in with any Super Mario Bros. game, but it also looks pretty darn tiny.

Various images of the new theme park expansion were shared on themeparX (via Eurogamer), a forum for theme park industry professionals and enthusiasts. Many of the images were from the side, but one user on Instagram managed to capture a stunning overhead shot.

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Using the background vehicles as a reference, it seems that the Japanese version of this park seems pretty tiny. It also appears to be heavily Mario-themed, something that shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering that he’s Nintendo’s mascot.


Super Nintendo World was first announced back in September 2019. Since then, we’ve learned that it will launch in Osaka, Japan first with versions of the park to appear in America and Singapore at later dates. For now, you can catch a collection of sneakily-captured images over at themeparX.

Header image credit: @wrxvabc on Twitter