Report: Possible Star Wars: Project Maverick reveal next week

It looks like we may finally getting a Star Wars: Project Maverick reveal next week. The game’s existence leaked in March when a bot picked up the game being added to PSN. So far, the image from PSN is all we’ve had to go on, but it looks like the lid may finally come off Project Maverick next week.

Industry insiders Jeff Grubb and Jason Schreier have been hinting about Project Maverick dropping. Yesterday the cat was all but let out of the bag when the Motive Montreal official twitter sent out its first message. In response to the tweet, Jason Schreier stated that EA Motive was gearing up to announce a new game, and replied to another comment that it would be a Star Wars game.

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The heavy hinting continued with Jeff Grubb replying with a Top Gun: Maverick GIF featuring the titular character, and Jason linking to an article he previously wrote mentioning an unusual Star Wars project in the works at EA Motive.

Jeff Grugg went on to heavily imply that the Star Wars: Project Maverick reveal will occur on June 2. On his schedule for next week, he has “Mel Gibson picture,” which is likely referring to the 1994 film Maverick starring Gibson.

Although we now know when we’ll see the reveal of Star Wars: Project Maverick, we still have no clue as to what it’ll be about. The image from PSN features a flight of X-Wings heading toward a Star Destroyer, so we may be getting an arcade-style space shooter in the vein of Rogue Squadron.

I hope Project Maverick is a bit more than just an arcade shoot-em-up. My fingers are crossed that it’s bringing back the TIE Fighter series. Space combat simulators are a rare breed these days, and the time is ripe for one of the best of the genre to make a return.

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