Fake PS5 and game ‘leaks’ are cleverly being used to support Black Lives Matter

Fake leaks are usually bad for all involved, but not this time. A few Twitter users have been using purposely spicy, false gaming leaks to get users in before revealing that these “leaks” are actually a cavalcade of donation links instead. Some of these “leaks” have been using a Bloodborne PC version or the PS5 as “cover.”

Twitter user bestpaulwatson was the first to start this on the gaming side of Twitter. He used Sony’s postponed PS5 stream as a means to get people in, even throwing in a capitalized “MAJOR” in the tweet for good measure. The following 12 replies in the thread are various donation links and helpful videos to watch that all support Black Lives Matter and other adjacent causes.

CaseyExplosion on Twitter followed his lead, posting rumors of a Bloodborne PC version as the hook. She then followed up with some other links for those willing to assist.

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Other parts of Twitter have been doing this as well. One such thread by fentyybeyy, who bespaulwatson credits for giving him the idea, starts by offering an explanation of how rapper Jay-Z ruined Beyoncé and Rihanna’s friendship. It leads to an extensive thread not about the former Destiny’s Child group member’s purported beef with Riri, but with — you guessed it — links for those who want to help a few just causes.

A few gaming companies have showed their support for the movement in different ways. Rockstar recently shut down the Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 servers to “honor the legacy of George Floyd.” PewDiePie announced a fundraising livestream. Infinity Ward pledged to do more about the rampant racism in Call of Duty. Sony even delayed the PS5 reveal even it was supposed to have today and, along with a ton of other developers and publishers, have also shown support in varying ways. Game Revolution has also displayed its solidarity with the cause in our post on the matter, along with listing a few charities you can donate to.