Xbox App mod support makes quiet debut on PC

Some time ago, Microsoft announced that it would be bringing Xbox App mod support at some point in the future. Now, it seems that the first step for Xbox Games Pass PC mods has arrived with Into The Breach being the first game getting access to this new feature.

Windows Central reported on the find and began digging through the catalog of available games. Thus far, Subset Games’ Into The Breach was the only game they’ve found to have mod support thus far.

Xbox App mod support Into The Breach store page

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Mod support doesn’t work out of the box, though; the user is going to have to enable it. Attempting to enable mods on a game in the Xbox (Beta) App for PC brings up a rather comprehensive (and lengthy) warning about pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong:

• You modify games at your own risk.

• Only install mods from developers you trust. Mods can expose personal date from your PC to their developers

• Read and follow all the mod author’s instructions carefully

• Xbox Live features might not work in modded games

• To undo any mods you made, just replace the changed files with the original versions

• Future game updates might not work with modded games

• Mods might interfere with your game’s accessibility features

• Mod content is not rated. Mods may not be appropriate for every age and might contain offensive content

• Content from modded games might not be shareable on Xbox Live

Install mods at your own risk. Mods are now owned, operated[,] or supervised by Microsoft. Microsoft is not responsible for game mods or actions take by mods installed on your device.

Although Xbox App mod support has made its debut, there’s no in-app Mod Store just yet; we’re sure to see this feature get fleshed out in future updates.