Nintendo Switch sale on Amazon slashes prices by up to 30%

Nintendo Switch sale on Amazon has slashed prices for the console’s games, saving Switch owners up to 30% on some of the console’s biggest releases. The Amazon digital sale includes a variety of top games, including Super Mario Party and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, for up to 30% off.

The Switch sale sees plenty of games being dropped from their $59.99 price points to $41.99, saving players up to $18. Astral ChainKirby Star AlliesDragon Quest XI S, and Dragon Quest Builders 2 are also included, while the recent indie game Moving Out has also received a price cut.

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Check out the list of Nintendo Switch games on sale below:

The sale doesn’t include physical copies of games, with buyers instead being sent a digital code to download the games they’ve purchased.

While the above games have made their way to sale, the Nintendo Switch console still remains out of stock. Following the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the console has been in hot demand in 2020, with new consoles swiftly being purchased after being made available again.