Journey Steam release gives you a free game for the next 2 weeks

The Journey Steam release has arrived, and Annapurna interactive has a special surprise for people who buy it. Everyone who picks up a copy of Journey on Steam will also get a free game — but only if they grab it in the next two weeks.

“Now available on @Steam: JOURNEY from @thatgamecompany,” stated a tweet from Annapurna Interactive. “BONUS: For the next two weeks, FLOWER will also be included for free!”

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Journey is a game that first made its debut on the PS3 and is well-regarded for it striking visuals and compelling, wordless story. Players must complete the titular journey by traveling through a variety of intriguing landscapes, gaining new powers along the way and occasionally being joined by random people.

As for Flower, it’s just as lovely of a game with an entirely different focus. Your main goal is to control the wind and send flower pedals throughout a lush, beautiful world.

You can buy the Journey Steam release for $11.24 or your regional equivalent, a 25% discount that will stick around for about a month. You’ll also get a free copy of Flower if you buy Journey within the next two weeks.