Horizon Forbidden West release window revealed

The Horizon Forbidden West release date was an unsolved mystery from last week’s PS5 reveal. It was one of the many games with no attached release window. However, Guerrilla Games has now disclosed the general time frame the team is targeting: 2021.

Game Director Mathijs de Jonge revealed this in a recent video that gave more details about the game. In it, he waits until the end to say that Guerrilla is aiming to release it sometime in 2021. He didn’t give a general season or month.

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He did, however, talk a little more about the setting and story. The world will span from Utah to the Pacific Ocean (as shown by the San Francisco landmarks in the trailer) and have new tribes and “dozens” of new machines. Some of these tribes are friendly while some are more hostile. The trailer showcased one of these hostile tribes bending the machines to their will. Aloy is also trying to uncover mysteries that will “change her life forever” as well as figure out why the biosphere is collapsing and what is causing the sporadic weather.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a PS5 video if it didn’t brag about the hardware. The director also vaguely gushed about the PS5’s power as well, saying there would be virtually no loading screens even when fast traveling to the other side of the map, booting up the game, or restarting from a checkpoint. The map will also be a bit bigger and players will be able to discover more in the game’s aquatic settings.