Naughty Dog has ‘no plans’ for The Last of Us 2 DLC

Even though the game hasn’t even been out for a week, people are already wondering if there is going to be any The Last of Us 2 DLC. Recent Naughty Dog games usually have some DLC, be it map packs or campaign add-ons. Sadly, according to Neil Druckmann, the game’s writer and director, Naughty Dog has “no plans” for downloadable content.

Druckmann briefly explained this on Kinda Funny Games’ The Last of Us 2 spoilercast. When prompted about about any potential The Last of Us 2 DLC, he gave a brief answer that quickly got to the point.

“With The Last of Us, I think we had some season pass or something that we said ahead of time we’d have some story DLC,” he said. “No, there’s no plans for DLC [in The Last of Us 2.”

Naughty Dog has 'no plans' for The Last of Us 2 DLC

The Last of Us did originally have a season pass that gave players a whole host of add-ons for its Factions multiplayer mode as well as the entire Left Behind campaign, which you can see in the above pictures. This chapter starred Ellie and took place both before the game and during the winter chapter as she tended to Joel’s wounds. It was received well and was eventually included in the PS4 remaster and then also released as a standalone game on that platform as well.

Uncharted 4 was originally supposed to have campaign DLC, too, but that grew in scope and ended up turning into The Lost Legacy (and was given to those who bought the season pass). Of course, given how The Lost Legacy wasn’t technically DLC and how Naughty Dog has been sneaky about its marketing strategies, it’s a little hard to completely take Druckmann’s statements without at least a healthy dose of doubt.

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Host Greg Miller then brought up the Factions multiplayer, which wasn’t included in the sequel because of the ambitious vision of the single-player campaign. When pushed on the subject, Druckmann smirked while in his chair before wordlessly miming like his mouth had been zipped shut. Given how Naughty Dog said that players would “eventually experience the fruits of [the] team’s online ambition,” a multiplayer mode is undoubtedly coming, but it’s just a matter of when and how. And it seems like we will have to wait for those details.