Deadly Premonition’s 2 awful frame rate might be fixed soon [Update]

Update: It appears as though the Deadly Premonition 2 frame rate might be fixed sometime in the future. One of the game’s publicists told Vice reporter Patrick Klepek that they are “currently speaking with the developers” and “should have a better update soon.” However, no other details were given.

The Deadly Premonition 2 frame rate has been causing much consternation for people who are playing the game, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better anytime soon. According to a new report, the game’s developers have “no plans” to fix its awful performance.

Deadly Premonition was first launched more than a decade ago and it attracted a cult following. Since then, it’s gotten a re-release on the Nintendo Switch late last year which helped fuel excitement for the just-released sequel. Unfortunately, this new game in the cult hit franchise isn’t quite up to part: many people are finding the frame rate downright atrocious at times. What’s worse is that the developers reportedly have no plans on fixing the problem.

“But the frame rate, though — come on!” Jim Sterling exclaimed in a video about the game. “And I spoke with the PR on this game, and they told me that they’ve got no plans to fix [the Deadly Premonition 2 frame rate]. No immediate plans come to mind for them to make it better.”

Deadly Premonition 2 frame rate skull

For what it’s worth, the frame rate isn’t terrible all of the time; only certain areas of the game are affected by the awful stuttering. The bad news is that those areas seem to be any outdoor area in the game; these areas make up a substantial part of your adventure.

Mind, Jim Sterling wasn’t the only one having issues, either:

The subtitle “A Blessing in Disguise” has made for a worryingly accurate title, too. Fans of the first game had been hoping for a continuation of the franchise and they’ve finally gotten it, but it turned out to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive that appears to be plagued by technical problems.

The Deadly Premonition 2a frame rate fix frame rate issues are a black mark on what could have been a great game. Hopefully, the developers will cook up for this game — but I wouldn’t count on it happening anytime soon. You can see the frame rate issues in action in Jim Sterling’s video below.