Phantasy Star Online 2 Steam release date is coming with ‘New Genesis’ content

The Phantasy Star Online 2 Steam release date has been revealed just as the Steam Store page has gone live. Steam launched rewards have been announced as well. That’s not all, either — the New Genesis content that was recently revealed is probably coming to the Steam version of Phantasy Star Online 2.

The Steam Store page for Phantasy Star Online 2 suddenly popped up earlier today. We knew a Steam version was on the way thanks to some information that came out earlier in the year, but we couldn’t be sure when it would be arriving.

We do know one thing for sure: the New Genesis content is going to come to the Steam version. Pay special attention to this part of the New Genesis announcement:

Available Platforms

Planned for release on Windows 10, Xbox One.

Note: If PSO2 is added to new platforms, we plan to make PSO2: NGS available on those platforms as well.

In this case, Steam would surely count as a “new platform”. The downside is that this upcoming content for the game won’t debut on the Phantasy Star Online 2 Steam release date — New Genesis isn’t scheduled to launch until sometime in 2021.

If you play PSO2 at launch, you’ll get five exclusive Steam-only rewards. These include:

  • Half-Life crowbar camo
  • Left4Dead frying pan weapon camo
  • Alyx’s hairstyle from Half-Life: Alyx
  • The Half-Life 2 HEV Suit
  • Headcrab Emote

You’ll be able to play Phantasy Star Online 2 as a free-to-play title via Steam very soon when it releases on August 5, 2020. You can look forward to more content being released for this game in the years to come. For now, you can go ahead and add Phantasy Star Online 2 to your wishlist on Steam!