Why is Sodapoppin banned on Twitch? Streamer releases ‘apology’ video

Sodapoppin has been banned on Twitch, with the streamer’s channel being shut down. However, unlike Dr Disrespect, Sodapoppin has immediately responded to the ban, though his “apology” doesn’t quite clear the air.

Sodapoppin’s Twitch channel was hit with a ban yesterday (June 20), with the popular streamer being removed from the platform. It’s unclear why Sodapoppin was banned, though it seems the site informed him of the reason why.

In a tweet, Sodapopping told viewers that he knew the reason why he was banned, which is a contrast to the lack of information Dr Disrespect received about his own controversial ban:

However, the streamer then followed this up with a faux-apology video, in which he provided an elaborate reason as to why he received the ban. Sodapoppin then apologized to his friends, family, and dogs.

The YouTube video can be watched below:

It’s unclear why Sodapoppin was really banned, or how long the ban will last. Dr Disrespect was reportedly permanently removed from the platform, with him revealing that he wouldn’t return to Twitch regardless of whether or not the ban was lifted. Sodapoppin’s lighthearted take on his own ban seems to indicate that it will only be temporary.

Many Twitch bans only last for a short period of time, so it could be that Sodapoppin returns to streaming within the week. However, if this is a permanent move, his fans may seem him pull a Ninja and pop up on a different rival platform in the near future.