$13,000 Animal Crossing water bottle launches at a less insane price

The infamous $13,000 Animal Crossing water bottle is finally available for sale, and there’s great news: this time, you won’t have to refinance your home to pick up this cool piece of Animal Crossing: New Horizons merch.

Earlier this year, Controller Gear debuted the $13,000 Animal Crossing water bottle in what was almost certainly a pricing mistake. (To be exact, the collectible canteen was being sold for $13,228.49.)

Animal Crossing merch was seeing an uptick in popularity with the impending release of the next great game in the franchise; this pricing error highlighted an amusing mistake that could have just as easily been real considering the premium that some new or rare items were commanding.

Now, @Wario64 has reported that a new version of that collectible canteen has launched and it’s at a much saner price. You can buy the new Animal Crossing water bottle on Amazon for just $19.99 or your regional equivalent — that would be a 99.9985% discount off of its mistakenly-listed $13,000+ price.

If you’re down for a different style, worry not — you can also pick up the O.G. $13,000 Animal Crossing water bottle on Amazon at the same $19.99 price point. As for the remaining $13,208.50, that can probably be used to get yourself a Nintendo Switch on Amazon and a couple of games.