Halo Infinite multiplayer will be included at launch

With the hundreds of “leakers” skittering around the industry, we constantly hear supposed insider details about games. Often these don’t turn out to be true, which is the case with this rumor.  Halo Infinite multiplayer was rumored to be missing on launch day, which has been refuted by Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard.

The rumor was highlighted by gaming and tech journalist Brad Sams in the latest episode of his YouTube show The Sams Report.

“One source is saying that [Halo Infinite multiplayer] is not going to be shipping with single-player this fall,” Sams stated earlier today. “Take that for— put that in your back pocket. We may not be seeing multiplayer yet. Still poking around to get all the details on that, but just keep that in mind.”

Brad Sams has a long history of covering Microsoft, so much so that he literally wrote the book on how Microsoft managed to make the Surface a success. However, this time around he missed the mark.

With the recent confusion over the game’s Xbox Games Showcase reveal and a batch of lackluster screenshots, the rumored absence of Halo Infinite multiplayer added more worrying news for the next game in this long-running franchise. However, players can rest easy. Regardless of any other issue, Halo Infinite will launch with multiplayer.