Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War allegedly leaked via Doritos bag

This has been the longest Activision has gone without revealing its new Call of Duty title. It’s almost August, after all, and the publisher hasn’t given official notice for a game that is likely coming in late October or early November. Rumors have been swirling in the absence of trailers and press releases and has resulted in the game’s logo reportedly being leaked. This game is allegedly called Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War and it hasn’t made its way onto the internet via Amazon France or some person with in the studio with a fast picture-taking finger, but through a bag of Doritos.

Twitter account ModernWarzone was the first to post the leaks after multiple seemingly random tweets about the chip company. TheGamingRevolution, a noted Call of Duty leaker who is part of ModernWarzone, posted a video about as ModernWarzone put up article stating how they got the photo. CharlieIntel then posted the same picture on Twitter, opening up the floodgates.

This promotion is for double experience and begins on October 5, 2020. And while that seems to point to the game coming out on that date, it’s more likely that the game is coming out at the end of October. Modern Warfare had a similar contest with Mountain Dew with similar stipulations and that title released on October 25, 2019. Going to the website listed on the bags doesn’t unveil any new information and just redirects to the homepage. Activision has commented on this and is unlikely to until the game’s official reveal, whenever that is.

And although we don’t have confirmation from Activision, this corroborates other rumors about the 2020 Call of Duty. Back in March, TheGamingRevolution also claimed to have sources telling him that the next installment was a Black Ops reboot and would take place during the Cold War. Kotaku also reported something similar last year in an article detailing some interruptions during the game’s development.