Leaked pictures show PS5 faceplate might be swappable

A series of leaked pictures show that the PS5 faceplate might be able to be easily swapped out. Based on what we can see, it may be possible for you to customize your PS5 case — whether it’s through special faceplates offered up by Sony or simply by painting it yourself.

ResetEra highlighted a series of three pictures from the forums on Chinese gaming site A9VG. These photos show a stack of three PlayStation 5 faceplates sitting on a desk and they have some curious features: there appears to be some kind of pins all over the inside of the faceplate, suggesting that it could be easily slid into place.

It’s entirely possible that these pins are simply used to provide structural support while the faceplate is permanently glued into place, but a customizable PS5 faceplate wouldn’t be all that crazy. After all, Sony offered up a ton of options to customize your PS4 case, so it stands to reason that it would be doing something similar for the PS5.

We can’t say for sure whether or not these faceplates will be easily removable based on the pictures alone, but it certainly does seem possible. Whether or not this turns out to be true, we’ll surely see plenty of people customizing their PS5 cases with all sorts of cool decorations.