Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons balloons are in danger

Image Credit: ConnorEatsPants/Twitch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons balloons have arrived as part of the latest Summer Update, but you should be warned: you can lose them very easily if you’re not careful. Animal Crossing player characters can now trip and fall.

The danger to balloons comes as part of a mechanic introduced with this new update. Your character can trip and fall while running under certain circumstances. As one example, wearing the new King Tut mask (created via a new DIY) can cause you to trip and fall.

Running with the new King Tut DIY mask will make you trip from AnimalCrossing

It’s admittedly pretty funny. After all, no one is really hurt and you don’t lose anything when you trip and fall with the King Tut mask. Balloons, however, are another story entirely.

Balloons won’t be available to the wider population until Sunday evening when the first Fireworks show kicks off; they can be won as part of Redd’s Raffle in the town square. Some people have used time-traveling to jump ahead and that’s when they made the terrible discovery: running with a balloon can cause you to trip and fall. Once you do, your precious balloon floats away.

Twitch streamer ConnorEatsPants found this out the hard way:

The addition of Animal Crossing: New Horizons balloons is a cute new addition to the game, but it’s one that must be protected. Don’t run with your balloons — you’ll regret it.