Fall Guys servers are getting absolutely hammered

Fall Guys servers are getting absolutely hammered on launch day, somewhat souring the big reveal of this new game show Battle Royale from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital.

“Just spoke to my friends in the server team and we have at least 120k people connected to the game right now,” stated a tweet on the game’s official account. “We’re currently BEEFING up our servers to cope with all of the BEANS who want to fall[.]”

That tweet was from three hours ago, but it seems that the developers haven’t quite realized how wildly popular their game would be. Indeed, the devs have had to switch off matchmaking on the Fall Guys servers entirely and they’ve more or less given up on estimating when the game would be ready for people to play again. Part of the problem, it seems, is that Fall Guys has been much more popular than even its creators expected.

“We’ve basically skyrocketed right past our ‘absolute highest number of expected players for the entire day'[,]” the game’s official Twitter account stated in a subsequent tweet.

Fall Guys servers HL2

The problems with the Fall Guys servers largely amounts to a finely-crafted formula for success. To start, it managed to beat Fortnite’s viewer numbers on Twitch in late July 2020 as the game got in the hands of a lucky few streamers, influencers, and testers. I’ll reiterate: this game pulled in more viewers than Fortnite, one of the most consistently-watched games for the last couple of years. That’s impressive.

The strength and popularity of this game was evident as early as E3 2019 when we first went hands-on with it. Since then, the hype train has steadily built up, supplemented by the fact that this game would be one of the two free titles given away to PlayStation Plus members this month.

Hopefully, Mediatonic and Devolver will get a handle on the server situation sooner rather than later — I’m sure that many of you are waiting to play what may be one of the best new multiplayer games of the year. Considering that they’ve just disabled account creation, however, we may be in for a bit of a wait.