Suicide Squad game announced by Rocksteady and it stars Superman

Suicide Squad game has been revealed by Rocksteady Studios after five years of rumors, and it appears that Superman will be the target the troop of anti-heroes will be hunting for. The game was revealed today in curious fashion by the Batman Arkham developer, with the studio’s account tweeting: “Target locked – #DCFanDome – August 22. #suicidesquadgame”

The Rocksteady Suicide Squad has been long-rumored, though the studio has kept quiet about the mysterious project amid all the speculation. Now Rocksteady has confirmed the project is in the works, and it looks like the Suicide Squad will be hunting down Superman.

The tweet also all but confirms a reveal will take place on August 22, the date of the DC FanDome event. The global event will also feature movie, TV, and comic announcements related to the DC franchise, including more news on The Batman and James Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie.

The poster for the Suicide Squad game can be viewed below:

Considering that the Suicide Squad game has been rumored for quite some time, it being announced by way of a tweet is a little underwhelming for some. Rumors have circulated the project for years now, with plenty of reports trying to figure out if this project was indeed in development. Though there’s still plenty of question marks surrounding the game, we now at least know for sure that it’s actually in the works.

Regardless of the relatively hype-free announcement, it makes sense for Rocksteady to announce the game at DC FanDome. Plenty of fans have eagerly awaited the company’s return to DC Comics, and this will also draw more eyes to DC’s other projects at its August event. We’re excited to see how exactly Superman is involved, even if it probably won’t involve him building a PC in a tight vest.