Henry Cavill built a PC in a strangely sexy video

Image Credit: Instagram / Henry Cavill

This Henry Cavill PC build video might be the weirdest thing we’ve seen today. It’s not because Henry Cavill is building a PC, mind — the Superman and The Witcher Netflix star is well-known as an avid PC gamer — it’s about how he built his PC.

The PC build video was shared by Cavill on his Instagram account. It opens with an array of gaming computer components laid out on a desk… and that’s where the weirdness starts.

As the build begins, the sexually-charged music of Barry White begins to swell in the background. Henry Cavill lovingly inserts the components with care, gently easing each piece of hardware into place. His application of thermal paste to the processor is downright sensual.

As the video continues, Cavill has to stop here and there to fix some kind of problem. (Hey, it happens to every guy now and again.) At the end, however, he’s built a gaming PC with more LEDs than the Vegas strip and an ice-cold idle temperature of just 38C on the CPU.

Check out the Henry Cavill PC build video for yourself below on his Instagram. Be warned, though — you might have to take a cold shower afterward.