Marvel’s Avengers explicitly dangles all of its numerous PlayStation advantages in new trailer

In a move that was widely criticized, Spider-Man is swinging his way to — and only to — PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers. It’s a lot and not all Crystal Dynamics is giving PS4 and PS5 players. The studio made sure to flaunt its multitude of Sony goodies in its aptly titled trailer “PlayStation Advantage Video.” Spider-Man may be the biggest of the lot, but he’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It kicks off with the most prescient part: the game’s beta. Players who pre-ordered on PS4 get to play it today, while PS4 players who didn’t pre-order get it next week and Xbox One and PC owners the week after. Then it moves to exclusive community challenges and then to giving players early access to Legendary skins. According to the fine print, PlayStation players can buy these skins in the in-game store 30 days before they are the stores of other systems. These outfits include the Solaris Armor for Iron Man, Saboteur costume for Black Widow, Battle Suit for Ms. Marvel, Royal Aesirian armor for Thor, and Championship Hulk that is reminiscent of his getup in Thor Ragnarok.

The trailer ends with the previously established kicker of Spider-Man, but still doesn’t show what he will actually look like. Given the criticism, it’s a little tacky to put out a trailer doubling down on all of the content only coming to the PS4 and PS5 versions, especially when it’s so much. Some parts in this trailer had previously been confirmed, but it’s sure something to brag about it all in one trailer.