‘Fall Guys’ Twitter wants your help writing spicy tweets

The Fall Guys Twitter is run by an absolute madlad who keeps a steady stream of spicy memes coming at us all day. Now, the man behind Fall Guys’ social media is looking for your help to find the best memes and gameplay content.

“Potential GALAXY BRAIN moment here…” the official Fall Guys Twitter read. “What if I let you help me write the tweets for [Fall Guys]? That way, I can set up spicy tweets 24/7 while I just sleep and take credit[.]”

The request includes a link to a Google form seeking submissions of the following kinds of content:

  • Fan art you’ve made
  • Memes you’ve made
  • Spicy tweets
  • Gameplay moments

Why the need for a Google form? Well, Fall Guys has been a massively popular game in its first week of launch, so much so that it’s actually breaking Twitter.

“[The] biggest challenge is making sure I don’t miss cool things,” Senior Community Manager Oliver Hindle said in our interview with him. “The Twitter account has blown up so much that the volume of notifications actually constantly breaks twitter and stops it from loading.”

If you think you have a spicy meme or an awesome gameplay moment, you can submit it via the Google form and hope that you get highlighted on the timeline of one of the hottest games of 2020.