Fall Guys will delete Yellow Team if they get 1 million retweets

The Fall Guys Yellow Team is in danger. I’m not talking about the danger of losing every game they play — that’s business as usual. Instead, the madlads of the Fall Guys Twitter have said that they’re going to delete the Yellow Team if they can hit a crazy social media goal.

“You know, I could literally delete yellow team?” said Alex in Mediatonic’s company chat room. “[For] 1 million retweets.”

Included with this statement was an image from some sort of file system. The image shows “Team1 – Yellow” highlighted and a menu with the “Delete” option selected. Naturally, Fall Guys’ social media manager jumped at the opportunity and took this challenge to Twitter.

Why do the game’s developers want to delete the Fall Guys Yellow Team? For some reason, people love to gang up on the Yellow Team in team games. It doesn’t help that the game’s Twitter account keeps posting memes making fun of the Yellow Team, so it’s natural that they would be targeted in such a fashion.

Fall Guys Yellow Team eggs

Hitting one million retweets certainly is possible. At this point in time, there are 18 tweets that have crossed the one million retweet milestone in the history of the social media platform. The current record stands at 4.40 million retweets.

Mediatonic couldn’t just remove the Yellow Team from the game outright — that would result in one fewer team for some of the larger team games. Should this legendary tweet cross the one million mark, the Fall Guys Yellow Team would likely be replaced with another color. (Personally, I think a Pink Team would look rather stylish indeed.)

The threat to delete the Fall Guys Yellow Team will certainly be a test of the game’s social media reach. More than 2 million people grabbed the game on Steam in its first week, so the numbers may certainly be there. It’s already racked up well over 50,000 retweets at the time of writing; somehow, I sense that the Yellow Team’s days are numbered.