Xbox Series X game clips will go straight to your phone

Xbox Series X game clips will be transported directly to your phone with the new Xbox mobile app as one of many upgrades coming for Microsoft’s next-generation console.

Microsoft has been hard at work improving the user experience for its flagship console. Aside from making everything faster (and using less RAM), the Washington-based company is debuting a new feature that will make it easier than ever to share your Xbox Series X game clips to social media.

“We’ve got a new Xbox mobile app in the works, and we’re better integrating your phone into the social experiences on Xbox, letting you share and connect with your existing network of friends more easily,” read a news post on the Xbox website. “For example, when you choose to share an update or game clip from your console, it will also automatically be sent to your Xbox mobile app, so you can share it on the social networks of your choice.”

Work will continue on this app as we get closer to the Xbox Series X launch in November 2020. It won’t end there, either — Microsoft will continue working to improve the Xbox user experience well into the next great generation of gaming.