Fall Guys local multiplayer and bots found in datamined game files

Fall Guys local multiplayer and bots could be introduced in a future update, with datamined game files seemingly revealing that offline multiplayer is on its way.

The new files were spotted by consistent Mortal Kombat 11 dataminer @thethiny, who tweeted that Fall Guys was soon to receive bots and local multiplayer in an update. The tweet contains screenshots of new code in the game’s files, including a local player count and a reference to AI bots.

Players have been requesting local multiplayer with bots since Fall Guys launched, with the game currently not supporting split-screen play. These datamined files suggest that developer Mediatonic is looking to add the features in an upcoming update, though it’s thus far unknown when that update will launch.

Fall Guys season 2 was revealed during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live yesterday, with it featuring a medieval theme that is inspired by “epic quests from the middle ages.” This new season will boast a number of new rounds and new costumes, with it set to launch in October 2020.

It’s unclear if season 2 will introduce bots and local multiplayer to the game, or if this is planned for an additional update. Either way, fans will be pleased to see that the new modes are seemingly on their way, and they’ll be able to play the game with friends and family from the comfort of their couch in the near future.