Fall Guys Chell Portal skin debuts in shop

The Fall Guys Chell Portal skin has arrived, continuing Mediatonic’s crossover with Valve games with a pair of brand-new items in the shop.

Earlier this month, DrLupo was revealed as the best Fall Guys player in the world. His prize for this achievement was an early look at an upcoming skin, and that just so happened to be the first Fall Guys Portal skin featuring Peabody (also known as P-Body) from Portal 2. Now, a new Portal skin has arrived in the shop!

This new Fall Guys Chell Portal skin is rated as a Legendary item. As with most skins, it’s split into a top part and a bottom part. This new crossover skin is going to be pretty pricey, though — it will cost you 5 crowns for the top and 5 crowns for the bottom, so you better have some wins racked up!

You have just over 2 days to buy this skin for yourself. After that, the Chell skin will be out of rotation and replaced with something else. If you really want to get this cool new Portal skin, it’s best not to wait around for too long!