Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales also coming to PS4

Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are two of the PS5‘s hottest upcoming games. However, they won’t be locked just to that newest console as Sony confirmed that both games (as well as Sackboy A Big Adventure) are coming to the PS4 as well.

Sony didn’t reveal this during the PS5 Showcase, but after in a post on the PlayStation Blog. In it, President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan talked about how some players won’t be upgrading to PS5 right away and while these games will take advantage of the SSD and DualSense on the PS5, they will also launch simultaneously on PS4.

PS4 players of these games will get a free upgrade (you can see a full list of cross-gen upgrade paths here). People who have the digital version will automatically be upgraded while disc version owners merely just need to put that PS4 disc in the PS5. You’ll obviously need the $499 disc version of the PS5 since the $399 digital edition doesn’t have a disc drive.

While this sort of goes against Sony’s mantra of believing in the next generation, it does open up these games to a bigger, broader audience. We don’t even know who will be able to pre-order a PS5 when the pre-orders go live.