Metal Gear Solid PC and other Konami games launch on GOG

Metal Gear Solid PC release has surprisingly arrived on DRM-free storefront GOG. That’s not the only Konami game that has arrived on the platform, though: Metal Gear Solid 2: SubstanceContra, and several classic Castlevania games are also available for purchase!

The last few months have been rife with rumors of something happening with Metal Gear Solid, and now it seems that they have surprisingly materialized! Four new packages have arrived as the first Konami games on GOG. Here’s what’s now available for purchase:

This is a great day for fans Solid Snake, although the Metal Gear Solid PC release seems like just the first wave of content. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has yet to get a PC release, nor have most of the other Castlevania games.

Konami has a lot of great games in its back catalog that could do with a port to PCs and modern systems. Hopefully, we’ll see more of their classics make their debut in future months. Personally, I’m hopeful we get to see Jackal revived in some fashion.

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