The Astro A03 headphones aim to be high-end earbuds for Switch and mobile devices

Astro has typically made headsets for console and PC gaming as well as a controller, but the new A03 in-ear headphones mark a different approach for the company. While they will work on other devices, these small wired earbuds are geared around those who want better audio from their Switch or mobile phones. The A03s are available now for $49.99.

The A03s aren’t just run-of-the-mill earbuds either as its internals are quite special. It’s got not one, but two drivers per ear. And while that may sound like audio jargon, this extra driver allows each ear to have deeper sound. One of them is dedicated to the bass while the other covers mids and highs so one isn’t drowned out by the other by being on the same driver, which can be the case for other earbuds. VP of Marketing for Astro Gaming Aron Drayer quickly explained why the company wanted to go down this path.

“Gamers want a convenient way to enjoy pro-grade audio while on the go,” said Drayer. “The new A03 IEM expands our line-up with a competitively priced solution designed to deliver the sound quality, comfort and style Astro customers expect.”

They come in two sets of colors: a red and navy variation and a white and purple one (and both have flat tangle-free wires). They’re unique colors and Head of Launch Marketing Thadeous Cooper explained how the color scheme was a subtle way of showing the Astro brand without drawing too much attention to it like wearing a video game shirt that isn’t immediately recognizable as a video game shirt.

What will the A03 headphones work on?

Astro A03 headphones give high-end earbuds for Switch and mobile gaming

While the A03s are more suited toward mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch given their portability, the A03s will work on anything with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. This includes the PS4, PS5, certain Xbox One controllers, the Xbox Series X controller, and the PC, just to name a few devices. It’s even got a mic and integrated controls, which are mainly voice chat and music or podcast playback, respectively. The headphones are the star of the package but it also comes with its own carrying case as well as two extra cushion replacements that are different sizes.

These are a different approach from Astro’s usual suite of headsets, which obviously includes one of its most recent announcements surrounding the A20s. Granted you buy the right dongle, these headphones are built with the next-gen consoles in mind. Through the A03s and A20s, it appears as though Astro is trying to give players its signature audio quality no matter what type of gaming they enjoy.