Here’s what a PS5 Slim could look like

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital/ConceptCreator

The launch of the PS5 is just two weeks away, but some talented artists already have an eye on the future. The success of the Xbox Series S means that a budget-friendly PS5 Slim could be created in the next few years and some new concept art gives us an idea of what it could look like.

Next-generation consoles are launching in early November. While Microsoft has given players two very different options in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X, the only notable difference between the two PS5 versions is whether or not it has a disc drive. Now, a Dutch 3D designer has shown us one possible future for the PS5.

Sleek PS5 Slim concept shrinks down next-gen gaming

The PS5 Slim concept was created by Jermaine “Concept Creator” Smit, a Dutch 3D designer as highlighted on LetsGoDigital. Sony has yet to announce any additional versions of the PS5 beyond the disc version and discless version, but every single PlayStation console released thus far has had a new version launched later in its lifecycle. This new concept art shows us what it could look like.

Using the PS5 design as a base, he addressed one of the most common criticisms: Sony’s next-generation gaming console is massive. One of the other nasty surprises is just how challenging it is to lay the PS5 on its side; this new concept would save players the trouble of fiddling around with a screwdriver to change the orientation of their console. The sleek curves of Sony’s console shown in our PS5 unboxing video are aesthetically pleasing, but the odd shape can make it difficult to squeeze it into an entertainment center if a player is short on space.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sony release a new PS5 Slim in two or three years, but one big question remains — will it stick with its strategy of having a powerful console or will it opt to create a less powerful version as Microsoft has done with the Xbox Series S? Either way, one hopes that Sony will take notes from this interesting concept design and fix some of the challenges facing the PS5.