When will PS5 be back in stock for pre-order? Restock news for US and UK

UPDATE: Sony has now revealed that PS5 launch day purchases won’t be available in-store and sales will be online-only.

ORIGINAL: The PS5 will be in stock soon in both the U.S. and U.K., with a restock expected for November 12, 2020. This should hopefully allow the majority of left waiting to pre-order the console to get their hands on one, though when will the PlayStation 5 be back in stock? Here are the official statements from Sony and retailers regarding the next wave of PS5 pre-orders.

PS5 restock for US pre-orders


The PS5 restock is set for November 12, 2020, the launch day of the PlayStation 5. Pre-orders have now all been placed, with further stock of the PS5 arriving for its release date, where customers will be able to purchase the hardware when it goes on sale. Here’s what it’s availability is looking like across US retailers:

PS5 Amazon restock for pre-orders

A PS5 Amazon restock is expected on November 12, 2020 in the U.S. Amazon has changed its PS5 pre-order page to its store page, with much of its PS5 hardware out of stock. However, there are still a number of PS5 items that are still in stock and purchasable, such as the DualSense controller and PS5 HD camera.

These can be viewed and purchased below:

PS5 Best Buy and Target restock for pre-orders

Best Buy lists the PS5 hardware as “Coming Soon,” indicating it will also restock on the PS5’s November 12, 2020 launch date. Target notes that the PS5 is “Out of Stock” with no indication as to when it will receive a restock.

PS5 restock for UK pre-orders

PS5 pre-orders in the U.K. may face a delay of the second national lockdown. As we previously reported, various retailers have already addressed this issue, confirming how they will honor the PS5 pre-orders of those in the UK.

So when is there expected to be a PS5 restock in the U.K. with the continuing lockdown?

When is the PS5 in stock on Amazon UK, GAME, and more?

Currently, the PS5 is out of stock across all U.K. retailers. No new stock has been confirmed, with it being unclear if the lockdown will prevent additional units from making their way to the region.

It’s expected that online retailers will have new PS5 stock in on November 19, 2020, the console’s launch date in the U.K. and other European countries. However, it’s uncertain if this stock will be able to delivered in a timely fashion, with retailers still working around the restrictions of the national lockdown.