This Razer face mask has some surprisingly good features

Face masks went from being something most people never thought about to a part of everyday life. However,  these protective coverings currently have a multitude of comfort and usability issues. Surprisingly, PC peripheral manufacturer Razer is stepping up to the plate with its Project Hazel (official site) prototype, which promises to be “the world’s smartest mask.” Most will wonder whether or not the Razer face mask can be purchased or not after seeing its features.

Can you actually buy the Razer face mask?

Razer Project Hazel Face Mask1

Before we get into the mask’s features, the question most people will have when seeing it is whether or not one can purchase Razer’s Project Hazel face mask. Unfortunately, right now, the product is only at the prototype stage. The video released lines out the concept, but there’s not currently a release date for the Razer face mask.

What’s special about the Razer Project Hazel face mask?

Current face mask designs leave a lot to be desired. Usable cloth ones are usually more comfortable but are tough to sterilize and may not provide the same level of protection as a disposable filter mask. Disposable masks are convenient but can be uncomfortable and are bad for the environment.

Razer started working on eliminating common complaints with face masks with Project Hazel. It wants to address five design areas: safety, social, sustainability, comfortability, personalization.

When it comes to safety, the mask is designed with N95 filters with active ventilation. The case also features a UV light interior, which kills germs while the mask is charging.

Communicating with a face mask on makes things harder. Facial expressions don’t come through as clearly, and voices can be muffled. Razer’s mask is transparent and has a low light mode, which illuminates the interior when it’s dark. Project Hazel also has a built in mic and amp, which projects a user’s voice outside of the mask.

Sustainability is a concern when it comes to face masks, as many of them are disposable. The mask is meant to be used repeatedly and features replaceable filters and a rechargeable battery that powers the ventilators and other onboard electronics.

Of course, since it’s Razer, the mask also features Chroma RGB. Project Hazel has two customizable light zones, which allows users to personalize their look.

Again, Razer’s face mask is still in concept. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether the product will ever come to market. Hopefully, we’ll be at the point where masks aren’t a necessity sooner rather than later.