There’s a PS5 restock today but you’ll have to act quickly

A PS5 restock is scheduled for today, with the PlayStation 5 already appearing back in-stock for some retailers after a long time of being completely sold out. With the console being the most highly sought after piece of hardware since its launch in November, it’s always big news when Sony makes stock available again, and this time it’s no different. The likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop are either pushing stock live today or are rumored to be doing so, allowing prospective buyers to safely avoid scalpers and their overpriced resales.

However, as has been the case since the console’s launch, buyers will have to act quickly in order to get their hands on the system. Here are the direct links to purchase the systems, as and when they go live today.

Is there a PS5 restock today?

A PS5 restock has already emerged on Amazon, with further restocks taking place on GameStop today. This is big news for prospective PlayStation 5 owners, allowing them to get their hands on the console after widespread stock shortages.

Amazon PS5 Stock

PS5 stock on Amazon appeared via a third-party seller earlier today, though carried the same $499.99 RRP. Unsurprisingly, this stock has been snatched up, though with further retailers pushing more consoles online there’s a chance it could reappear.

GameStop PS5 Stock

GameStop announced that “a limited number” of PS5 consoles would be made available on its store on Twitter. It informed users that it would inform them when the deals went live, though you can make sure you beat the queue by going to the direct links below.

Here are the links to purchase both the PS5 Physical and Digital versions:

Best Buy PS5 Stock

Best Buy hasn’t formally announced that PS5 stock is on its way, though the retailer has been silent in the past before revealing that units of the console had been made available via its online store.

Here’s where you’ll be able to buy the console via Best Buy:

GameStop has also announced that it will have fresh stock of the Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch today, too. Presumably these sales will be more efficient than the units that were sold via SUP3R5, which announced that it would not honor its sales due to threats received by its staff.