When is the next Nintendo Direct?

The next Nintendo Direct could be coming soon, given the company is fast approaching huge milestones for two of its biggest series. As both the Pokemon 25th anniversary and The Legend of Zelda 35th anniversary draws near, it seems likely that Nintendo will have something up its sleeve to celebrate these occasions. Other moves from the company have also fueled speculation that a new Direct is on its way, and that fans should expect it sooner rather than later.

Next Nintendo Direct rumors and news

next nintendo direct date

Nintendo fans routinely check for evidence that a new Direct is on its way, given that the presentations typically contain new game announcements or reveals related to highly anticipated upcoming games. This time around, some are convinced that changes to the Nintendo Direct archive page could indicate that a new update is on its way.

Reddit users pointed out how the Nintendo Direct archive page had been updated recently, with it having been tinkered with on January 23. While there are seemingly no changes to the front-end of the page, it’s possible that alterations were made to the back-end. This could mean that an unpublished Nintendo Direct presentation was added to the page, with it set to be made public once it has been officially revealed.

When is the date of the next Nintendo Direct?

The next Nintendo Direct is likely to take place in February 2021, given that there are three big events for the company next month.

First, there is the release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on February 12, 2021. This is Nintendo’s first major launch of the year, so it’s likely that the company will want to promote it more than it has done thus far ahead of its release.

However, the more interesting propositions are the Zelda and Pokemon anniversaries. Nintendo published Super Mario 3D All-Stars in celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary last year, so could it be planning something similar for its two other key franchises?

Up until Super Mario 3D All-Stars‘ official announcement, the collection had been the recipient of several leaks indicating its existence. No such leaks have taken place for announcements for either Zelda or Pokemon. This, combined with both anniversaries taking place in February, giving Nintendo less than a month to announce and then publish similar collections for both games within their anniversary month, make either a Zelda or Pokemon anniversary collection unlikely.

However, Nintendo could still celebrate both games in other ways, such as special releases on the Nintendo Switch eShop or with announcements pertaining to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 or New Pokemon Snap, two confirmed upcoming games. Hopefully, Nintendo will provide more information pertaining to the next Direct in the coming weeks.

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