Fortnite Winter Trials leak sees Epic Games beat data miners to the punch

Untimely Fortnite reveals are commonplace, but usually, all thanks to the work of data miners. In the case of the Fortnite Winter Trials 2021, however, Epic Games cut out the middle man and leaked its newest initiative via the “trials.fortnite” website. The new event will see players earning badges by completing challenges, all in the name of gaining several exclusive rewards.

Fortnite Winter Trials bring new challenges and rewards in 2021

Fortnite Winter Trials 2021

After the Winter Trials website went live early, it didn’t take Fortnite fans long to uncover Epic Games’ blunder. The dev team took the site down, but not before Hypex was able to capture and showcase its contents on YouTube. By logging in, voting for challenges, supporting a team, and playing Fortnite users can earn badges; getting enough badges will net players new and exclusive in-game rewards.

Fortnite Winter Trials rewards list (2021)

  • 1x Fortnite Winter Trials badge — Unicorn Pegasus Spray
  • 6x Fortnite Winter Trials badges — Snowman Emoticon
  • 12x Fortnite Winter Trials badges — New Wrap

Earning enough badges to claim the 2021 Winter Trials rewards doesn’t seem too taxing. Available badges will rotate daily, and fortunately, the challenges revealed thus far don’t seem difficult.

Fortnite Winter Trials challenges list (2021)

  • Vote for a challenge.
  • Support a team.
  • Play Fortnite for 20 mins.
  • TBA
  • TBD
  • TBC

When the 2021 Winter Trials go live, additional challenges will be made available on a daily basis. It shouldn’t be long until Epic sets its leak straight with an official unveiling, but, until then, bookmarking the Fortnite Winter Trials website for updates is recommended.

With the launch of the new Fortnite Trials website, fans are speculating on whether there might be more seasonal events in the same vein to come. Stay tuned for details on a potential Fortnite Spring Trials 2021 event as and when any news breaks.

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