Original Apex Legends map receives big changes for Season 8

“Mayhem” is coming to the Apex Legends Kings Canyon Season 8 map, developer Respawn Entertainment has promised in its latest blog update. New changes to the map include an entirely new area, ECHO camps, Explosive Holds, Observation Towers, and more. Though a fan-favorite map, Kings Canyon has arguably grown tired since the game launched almost two years ago. Below are the full details on how Respawn is freshening things up for the new season.

How is Apex Legends‘ Kings Canyon map changing in Season 8?

Apex Legends Kings Canyon Season 8

The Apex Legends Kings Canyon Season 8 map changes are as follows:

  • Crash Site.
    • A new part of the map was created when a massive gunship crashed into the ground, obliterating an entire mountainside as it fell. This has opened up a previous unplayable portion of the map. The ship itself can be held as a powerful “King of the Hill power position.”
  • ECHO Stations.
    • ECHO (Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach) Stations provide “teams plenty of breathing space and loot as they plan their assault on the ship.”
  • Artillery changes.
    • The Artillery location now has a back door entrance that takes players up to the new Crash Site region.
  • Tunnel change.
    • The tunnel to the east of Artillery has been opened up to allow for a rotation from the northern part of the map.
  • Increased map size.
    • After being made smaller with the removal of Skull Town, Kings Canyon in Season 8 is going to be the biggest it has ever been.
  • Spotted Lakes.
    • Slum Lakes has gone, with Spotted Lakes taking its place with ECHO tents to fight in.
  • Uncovered Bones.
    • Ancient Leviathan bones were uncovered by the gunship’s destructive power. This provides a new pathway and easy drop into Runoff.
  • Observation Towers.
    • In Echo Camps there are four towers that provide a good overview of the area.
  • Explosive Holds.
    • Mobile armories from the gunship have crashlanded around the map. These have valuable loot.
  • Farm removed.
    • The Farm has been outright removed, being described as a “sweaty chokepoint.”

More details from Eduardo Agostini, World Director for Apex Legends, can be found in the blog post here.

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