Bebo is coming back, though your embarrassing old photos will stay dead

American social networking website Bebo is making another comeback. It isn’t the first attempted reboot, as Bebo already has short-lived instant messaging and video streaming variations to its name. Although the platform itself will seemingly never say die, fortunately, any embarrassing old photographs won’t be resurrected alongside the Bebo 2021 relaunch.

The Bebo 2021 release date is almost here

Bebo 2021 relaunch

Back in 2005, Bebo was the most popular social networking site in some parts of the world. The platform was “probably not for boring people,” according to its slogan, though the masses ultimately sided with Facebook instead. Years later, Amazon purchased Bebo and integrated it with video game streaming service Twitch. When that initiative failed, once again, Bebo became no more in 2019.

Bebo’s relaunch release date is February 2021. The new social network is currently in private beta, with select users already having access on an invite-only basis. Bebo hasn’t specified an exact day for its public launch, but there can’t be too long to wait with February right around the corner. Keep checking the Bebo website for updates.

Returning “Boboers” may be glad to know that none of their old data or photos can be recovered. “All old data and photos were lost many years ago and are not recoverable,” states Bebo. An apology accompanies the statement, though many seem relieved not to see an early 2000s version of themselves resurface.

Presumably, Bebo iOS and Android apps are also in the works. Just a desktop website might not be enough to compete in the crowded social media market, but only time will tell how Bebo fares during its current year outing.

With the return of Bebo and GameStop stock reaching new highs, it almost feels like the clocks have been turned back by at least a decade. As such, there’s no better time that now to reminisce about the launch of Mass Effect 2 and how Dead Space 2 is still an all-time great.