New Rainbow Six Siege ‘Surrender Glitch’ is ruining ranked play

A new Rainbow Six Siege “Surrender Glitch” is ruining ranked play. In a game that’s super competitive like Siege, ensuring gameplay is as fair and balanced as possible is crucial to maintaining an enjoyable experience. If a certain bug or glitch is introduced, or a weapon or gadget is made too powerful, that balance can be totally compromised. This time around it’s an annoying “Surrender Glitch” that is frustrating players trying to rise through the ranks of the game’s ELO system.

How are players doing the Rainbow Six Siege ‘Surrender Glitch’?

Rainbow Six Siege 'Surrender Glitch'

To do the Rainbow Six Siege Surrender Glitch, players must accomplish the following:

  1. Enter a match with a group of fellow boosters.
  2. Intentionally lose the first two rounds by killing each other.
    • This will unlock the “Surrender” option in the pause menu.
  3. Win the third round.
  4. During the kill cam of the third round, all boosters opt to surrender.
  5. The game awards the boosters with the win.

At the time of writing, there isn’t an easy way to counter this Surrender Glitch. Until Ubisoft itself is able to roll out a patch or issue bans, it seems like the best course of action for legitimate players is to just avoid the ranked mode. Obviously that’s a lame solution, but it’s currently the only way to guarantee avoiding the frustration.

Here’s hoping a Siege Surrender Glitch fix is added sooner rather than later!

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