Pokemon Legends Arceus starters revealed in first trailer

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been announced as the next title being developed by Game Freak. With its release scheduled for early 2022, players have plenty of time to decide which starter Pokemon they will choose. Here are the details on the three starters.

What are the Pokemon Legends Arceus starters?

Pokemon Legends Arceus starters

The Pokemon Legends Arceus starters are:

  • Fire – Cyndaquil
  • Grass – Rowlet
  • Water – Oshawott

These three Pokemon were brought to Sinnoh by a professor. This professor isn’t named in the first trailer, but we can expect to meet them at the beginning of the game. After all, players are tasked with helping complete the first-ever Pokedex.

The chosen starter Pokemon will be traveling with the player through a “Sinnoh region of old,” where “Pokemon live freely in the wild.” However, this is not like modern Sinnoh, as the weather is much harsher. Despite this, people have journeyed from all over to visit Sinnoh.

Developer Game Freak is going in a new direction with this Pokemon game, incorporating more action-RPG mechanics that deviate from the usual turn-based battles. However, the team is choosing to combine the new mechanics with the familiar place of Sinnoh filled with familiar Pokemon, so perhaps the new will meld nicely with the old.

With Cyndaquil, Rowlet, and Oshawott confirmed to be the Pokemon Legends Arceus starting creatures, players can now argue about which one is the best. Fire, water, or grass are the choices, so get deciding!

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