Apex Legends sniper rifle power-up leaked alongside bow upgrade

New Apex Legends Hop-Ups have been spotted in data mined files. The new Shatter Arrows and Markman’s Tempo upgrades can be equipped to the Combat Bow and Sentinel sniper rifle, respectively. Once equipped, the new Hop-Ups will bestow additional mechanics to the weapons to make them more powerful in battle.

What does the Apex Legends Shatter Arrows Hop-Up do?

New Apex Legends Hop-Ups

The Apex Legends Shatter Arrows Hop-Up causes arrows to split into five and travel in an “X” pattern.

This is according to renowned data miner and leaker @Shrugtal, who originally leaked the Combat Bow coming to the game. Now, thanks to their searching through game files, we know one of its attachments.

An arrow’s ability to split into multiple projectiles will mean a bigger chance of hitting the target. Presumably, the downside to using this Hop-Up will be decreased damage for each of the five individual shots.

What does the Apex Legends Marksman’s Tempo Hop-Up do?

New Apex Legends Hop-Ups

The Apex Legends Markman’s Tempo Hop-Up increases fire rate and rechamber rate on successful shots.

Again, this according to @Shrugtal who responded to a follower question regarding a Hop-Up slot for the Sentinel:

Rewarding accurate shots with faster follow-up shots seems like a good buff for the Sentinel. It will reward players who take the time to line up a shot and also makes the weapon more formidable at closer ranges.

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