Outriders demo down for ‘brief’ scheduled maintenance

During the testing period before launch, it’s normal for the Outriders demo to go down for scheduled maintenance. This downtime can take anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours, and it’s difficult to know when the game will be back up and running again. With the full game launching soon, it’s understandable why players would be eager to get back into the fight and grinding for more loot. Here’s the need-to-know on the Outriders demo being down and how long it will last.

Is the Outriders demo down?

Outriders Demo Down

The Outriders demo is down for maintenance, as confirmed by the official status page.

The developers are consistent in posting to the @Outriders Twitter when downtime is planned and occurring. At the time of writing, the Outriders demo is down for scheduled maintenance on March 9. This will be for a “brief” period of time.

The Outriders Status Page can be viewed here. It explains the parts of the game that are undergoing any issues or maintenance and will be useful for both the demo and full build of the game.

How long with Outriders demo downtime last?

Outriders Demo Down

Outriders demo downtime can last anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours.

Keeping an eye on the @Outriders Twitter page is a good idea, as the devs will sometimes offer an estimate for how long the downtime will last.

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