Minecraft 21w10a snapshot adds Lush Caves biome to make your world prettier

The Minecraft 21w10a snapshot adds the Lush Caves biome, Cracked Deepslate Bricks, Cracked Deepslate Tiles, and more to the survival game. This update also introduces brand new tech, as OpenGL 3.2 allows Mojang to replace fixed function rendering with shader-based rendering, improving the game’s visuals.

What’s in the Minecraft 21w10a snapshot update?

minecraft 21w10a snapshot

The new snapshot makes a variety of changes, chief among these being the introduction of Lush Caves. This new underground biome currently only generates in single-biome custom worlds, dramatically improving their appearance while offering more crafting materials.

Moss covers the floors and ceiling of these new biomes, while Spore Blossoms grow and drip particles. Lush Cabes also contain clay pools with Dripleaf Plants growing out of them, while the Azalea Tree’s roots will grow into the biome. Cave Vines with Glow Berries also grow from the ceiling and illuminate the caves.

Other changes that are sure to please the Minecraft community include Fossils found in the deepest part of the underground now generating with deepslate diamond ore rather than coal ore, Cobbled Deepslate now being able to be smelted into Deepslate, and reduced air exposure for coal.

The Minecraft 21w210a snapshot has been released ahead of the more significant Caves and Cliffs update, which is set to launch on both the Java and Bedrock versions of the game. This brand new update is set to completely overhaul Minecraft’s cave system, generating more diverse areas that players will be able to explore.

Minecraft’s caves have received few hugely significant improvements over the years, with them largely appearing the same. As this new Lush Caves snapshot and the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update highlights, Mojang is looking to seriously overhaul the experience of actually mining in the game.

In other news, the recent Minecraft 2.21 update made the Nether even creepier than it was before. The failed Minecraft Earth experiment also received its final update, with it set to shut down later this year.

(Via Minecraft.net)