Outriders will launch on Xbox Game Pass but is skipping PC

Outriders is set to launch on Game Pass on day one, Xbox has confirmed, with the upcoming shooter being available to play via the service on its release date. This means that while Outriders will be a paid game on other platforms such as PS5 and PC, Game Pass subscribers can play it for no extra cost.

What is the Outriders Game Pass release date?

Outriders will release on Game Pass on April 1, Xbox and publisher Square Enix have confirmed. It will be available to download on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, along with Android phones via Xbox Cloud Gaming. The game will skip Xbox Game Pass on PC, with it only available via the Square Enix Store and Steam on the platform.

Outriders launching on Game Pass on its day of release is big news for Xbox owners, with it set to be one of the biggest multiplayer games of 2021 so far. The class-based loot shooter released a popular demo last month, with developer People Can Fly revealing that it had enjoyed over 2 million players within one week for a total of 9.5 million hours played.

Its debut on Game Pass should be beneficial for both People Can Fly and Xbox, with its demo drawing comparisons to the cover-based gameplay of Gears of War, a franchise many Xbox owners will be familiar with. Its developer will be hoping that this audience will be transferable, and as we’ve seen with other multiplayer-focused games such as Sea of Thieves, Game Pass can be a huge boon when it comes to increasing the communities surrounding games that live or die based on the size of their playerbase.

The news was released via Xbox Wire alongside a new trailer outlining the game’s ‘Mantras of Survival.’ The new trailer can be viewed above.

In other Xbox news, a slew of Bethesda games recently made their way to Game Pass following the confirmation of the studio’s Microsoft acquisition. A number of Xbox Series X games also recently received an FPS boost.