Fortnite ‘The Foundation’ character inspires more fan theories

The epic introduction of Fortnite Chapter 6, which had Jonesy fighting through a battlefield full of characters, ended with him summoning The Foundation. This mysterious character emanates power and is clearly a force to be reckoned with, but just who is The Foundation in Fortnite? Here’s what’s known and some theories.

Who is The Foundation character in Fortnite?

Who is The Foundation in Fortnite?

The Foundation is a member of The Seven, a group that appears to be working to save reality. He made his appearance during Chapter 2 Season 6 when Agent Jonesy managed to summon him to the island.

The Foundation is initially hostile towards Agent Jonesy. This is due to the fight between The Seven and The Order, the latter of which Agent Jonesy used to belong. Now the pair are working together.

In order to gain his help, Agent Jonesy promised The Foundation that he would share the location of The Sisters and Geno. Presumably, these other members of The Seven that The Foundation has lost contact with.

Fans are still trying to piece together the many Fortnite mysteries. A common fan theory is that The Foundation is the leader of The Seven and has lost contact with those under him. It’s also thought that Geno and The Sisters combine to fill the remaining members of The Seven.

The Foundation voice actor has also drawn some attention, as some think that he sounds like Keifer Sutherland, while others believe that it is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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