Outriders crossplay fix is in the works, developer promises

Outriders is a hot new co-op shooter that invites friends to play together across multiple platforms using crossplay. Unfortunately, the game has been experiencing cross-play errors since its launch, leading to many players being kicked out of parties or not being able to join friends at all. The good news is that developer People Can Fly is working on a fix. Here’s when to expect it.

When is the Outriders crossplay fix coming?

Outriders Crossplay Fix

The Outriders crossplay fix is being worked on and will be included in a future update.

Issues with crossplay between PC and console were acknowledged on the official Outriders Twitter account. The tweet also detailed planned fixes, explaining that the cross-play solution “is tied to the overall patches that [the developer is] currently cooking up and running through testing.”

As for an Outriders crossplay fix release date, nothing concrete has been confirmed. The devs “hope to soon share more news about [the updates’] release schedule and content.”

Squadding up with friends across console and PC versions of the game to enjoy a new co-op shooter experience is not so easy with the constant downtime, error codes, and laggy connection. Hopefully the “soon” timeframe is a matter of days or weeks, rather than months. At the very least, the developer has acknowledged the issue which is the first important step.

This article will be updated with new information as and when it is shared. Here’s hoping a concrete release date and time for the crossplay fix is announced sooner rather than later.

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