Terrifying PS5 ‘Something went wrong’ error forces factory reset, Trophy hunter claims

In a time where setting up a new-generation console can take days or weeks, depending on the number of game downloads and internet speeds, seeing the words “Your console needs to be reset to factory defaults to continue.” popping up on a PS5 is a scary thought. Unfortunately, this appears to have happened for one unlucky user. Without warning, the error reportedly popped up and forced the deletion of all PS5 data, including installed games, screenshots, and videos.

PS5 “Your console needs to be reset” error fix

PS5 'Your console needs to be reset'

To fix the PS5 “Your console needs to be reset” error, users have to select “OK” to start the factory reset process. Once it’s complete, the PS5 will be working again.

As shared by Brian English, a hardcore Trophy hunter, the full error message reads:

Something went wrong. Your console needs to be reset to factory defaults to continue. Select [OK] to reset your console.

It’s not clear why the PS5 “went wrong.” Brian says that they simply turned on the console and this message appeared.

It should be noted, however, that as a Trophy hunter who had installed over 100 games, Brian may have pushed their PS5 over the edge. It’s possible that Brian’s unusually extreme use of the system led to this system hiccup.

Hopefully an explanation for why this error occurred is shared soon so that other gamers can avoid having to reinstall games or losing their saves, screenshots, and videos.

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