This Genshin Impact ‘inflation’ trend makes characters thicc and we have questions

Image Credit: DeviantArt user Ribimi28

Genshin Impact fan art has been produced en masse since the JRPG was released last year, and as you can probably imagine, a great deal of it is NSFW in nature. However, one particular unlikely trend has overtaken them all, as fans have been creating Genshin Impact ‘inflation’ art that blows its characters up to improbable sizes.

So, what is ‘inflation?” In a helpful video from self-proclaimed inflation fetishist Cleverfoxman, it is described as “the fascination or sexual fascination of a person’s body parts expanding larger than human body proportions should allow.” Given that such a practice is difficult to pull off with actual humans for obvious reasons, the inflation fetish is mostly fueled by fan art and cartoonish depictions of well-known characters being blown up like balloons.

The process is popular amongDeviantArt users, and as Genshin Impact is already fervent ground for fan art, inflation artwork of its characters has become increasingly popular.

Genshin Impact inflation

Image Credit: DeviantArt user inflatedpixels

The Genshin Impact inflation trend sees popular in-game characters like Lisa, Beidou, Mona, and more reimagined as ballooned, infinitely more thicc versions of themselves. Several examples attracting have attracted thousand of views and hundreds of favorites, with artists getting to work depicting the video game characters as suddenly enlarged variations of themselves.

DeviantArt user inflatedpixels shared the above rendition of Mona, which whet the community’s appetite for more. After following up with an NSFW version of Lisa, inflatedpixels drew even more attention. While that image can’t be posted here as it would transform GameRevolution into a very different kind of website, one commentator opines that “fat Lisa is goooooooooood.”

Elsewhere within the Genshin inflation community, some are sticklers for the details.

Genshin Impact inflation

Image Credit: DeviantArt user DLeagueman

Ganyu appears to be struggling with her rapid inflation in the above image from DLeagueman. One user was quick to assert that Gamyu is, in fact, a vegan. DLeagueman states that there are fattening vegan foods, but the explanation apparently “makes no sense.” In reality, Ganyu is a vegetarian with a notably large appetite.

There’s plenty more Genshin Impact inflation art out there if that’s what you’re into, though do exercise caution if seeking it out. A lot of it definitely isn’t safe for work, and some of the comments may be damaging to one’s mental well-being.

Fans recently threatened to cancel Genshin Impact by boycotting the game. It all came about as the result of controversy surrounding some questionable characters.

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