Apple’s $449 AirTag Hermés is over 15 times the normal price

The April 2021 Apple Spring Loaded Event included plenty of product updates and reveals, including the all-new AirTag range. Purchasers can attach these small and inexpensive tags to their valuables, making them traceable if ever misplaced. The three Apple Hermés AirTag products aren’t quite so affordable, however. Why are the Apple Hermés AirTags so expensive? Here’s the need-to-know for those with a tendency to lose things.

Why is the Apple Hermés AirTag price so high?

Why is the Apple Hermés Airtag so expensive

The expensive pricing of the Apple Hermés AirTag range is in line with that of other luxury Hermés leather accessories.

Although the asking price seems expensive (and it is), a quick look at the general Hermés Boutique pricing reveals that it isn’t out of the ordinary. When opting to purchase an Apple Hermés AirTag, consumers are paying for luxury quality and also the designer brand name.

Apple AirTag Hermés pricing scale

  • $299 — AirTag Hermès Bag Charm
  • $349 —  AirTag Hermès Key Ring
  • $449 —  AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag

The Hermès AirTag Bag Charm and Key Ring are available in Orange, Bleu Indigo, and Fauve color schemes. Currently, the more costly Luggage Tag is only available in Fauve.

At a fraction of the price, standard Apple AirTags give average consumers a chance to track their valuables too. Regular AirTags cost just $29, or a discounted $99 for a pack of four. Purchasers can also claim free personal engravings on each AirTag they buy.

By attaching AirTags to personal belongings, iPhone users can open the “Find My” application and track them down. It’s a familiar system that’s been in place on Apple electronics for a while now, but this marks the first time that general items will be traceable via the app.

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