New Warzone stadium glitch allows players to kill from outside the map

The new Call of Duty: Warzone under stadium glitch has fans begging for a fix as others show off the exploit for easy kills.

Following the big nuke event of the Verdansk map at the end of Season 2, for a time the only map available was the smaller Rebirth Island. After following numerous teasers that lead to fun reveal websites, the Verdansk map is back with POIs like Stadium returning, but a new glitch is upsetting a lot of players. Here’s how to do the Warzone under stadium glitch and everything we know about it.

What the Warzone under stadium glitch is and how to do it

Warzone under stadium glitch

The Warzone under stadium glitch is currently affecting the new reskinned Verdansk 1984 map in the just-launched Season 3 of the game. Players have noticed, when visiting the Stadium point of interest, that they can be killed or downed by unseen opponents. In reality, those opponents are hiding and shooting from under the map thanks to this annoying new glitch.

Fix your game please…. Under the floor stadium glitch from CODWarzone

The under Stadium glitch is both annoying and frustratingly easy to exploit. By simply heading over to the western side of the Stadium, just outside the building itself, there is a staircase with a truck and two blue portable toilet units next to it. If players stand facing the white corner pillar to the left of the toilets from on the road, then crouch and approach the curb in front of the toilets, they should slip under the map as they walk over the curb. They can then carry on playing normally, except they are glitched under the map where other players can’t see them.

Presumably, this exploit will be fixed sooner rather than later, but for now, it’s probably best to avoid the Stadium until it is. It’s certainly not the only glitch that’s affecting Warzone players right now, as many are reporting their COD Premium Points are disappearing.